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Traditional ~ Cream Filled Oatmeal Cookie

Ours is an old-fashioned recipe with some special techniques, making ours the best ever! Made with fresh, quality ingredients and baked until golden brown, these cookies are filled with our light and fluffy buttercream that is whipped to perfection. This cookie is soft and chewy yet not too sweet.

1 Doz Cookies  $21.00

Pecan ~ Cream Filled Oatmeal Cookie

Our Traditional cookie with lightly toasted chopped pecans added to the dough for those who love nuts! This decadent cookie is made even more delicious filled with butter-cream. The toasted pecans make this cookie extra special.

1 Doz Cookies  $21.00

Chocolate Chip ~ Cream Filled Oatmeal Cookie

Using our Traditional cookie recipe, we add chocolate chips to the dough to satisfy our chocolate lovers. The combination of old-fashioned oatmeal and chocolate make this cookie a bit richer, but not too sweet.

1 Doz Cookies  $21.00

Variety Boxes ~ Cream Filled Oatmeal Cookies

If you cannot decide on which cookie to order, then please try one of our variety boxes. You can order a dozen cookies packed in just the assortment you want. Please select one of the variety options below and you can decide which your favorite is.

1 Doz Cookies $21.00

Variety Selections

Chocolate Oatmeal Bar Cookie ~

A tried and true favorite, our “No Bake Cookie” is like none you have ever had before! These Chocolate Oatmeal Bar Cookies continue to be a hit. They are prepared with the traditional ingredients, such as cocoa, peanut butter as well as a little tender loving care.

1 Doz Cookies  $19.00